Angel Maternity Session | Orange County Maternity Photographer

Hello loves,

I’d love to share my story about Angel and Marc.  They live in Utah and I live in Orange County, CA. We only met once at a Wedding we both attended in Atlanta, GA back in April for a mutual friend. My family and I sat at the same table with them at the Wedding and we had so much fun together.  Fast forward a few months, Angel and Marc came to California for a super quick visit and we decided to meet up with them at Manhattan Beach.

We were totally not even planning a Maternity Session. At the moment we got together, I was on-call for a birth. When I’m on-call, I always bring my equipment everywhere I go, because we all know how unpredictable births can be and I have to run to the hospital at any moment! I looked at her belly, then looked at my camera equipment and just like that we decided to have a shoot! We just walked down to the beach, threw off our flip flops and did a quick 15 minute Maternity Session. Angel was amazing and she’s such a happy preggo mama! Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the pics below.

I’m also attaching a quick fun photo my sister-in-law took of me on her go-pro, with my kids all running around like crazy and us just having a good ‘ole time! Isn’t that what it’s all about? Having fun? I think so! Life is just better that way!

I’m so incredibly happy for Angel and Marc! They are expecting their rainbow baby girl in just a few short weeks and they honestly deserve all the happiness in the world! They’re going to be amazing parents!

Thanks for reading! If you or someone you know is expecting a baby and wants to capture all of the sweet moments, feel free to give me a call!


Milana Photography at work

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Cindy Maternity Session | Orange County Maternity Photographer

Hello lovely people,

I wanted to introduce you to beautiful Cindy and her family.  They are soon going to be a family of 5! Isn’t that so exciting? I personally LOVE being a part of a family of 5 and I’m sure they will too.

I love photographing Maternity Sessions. Beautiful glowing mamas and perfect little baby bumps :) Cindy was no exception. The 2 gorgeous gowns she was wearing were provided by Milana Photography, except the white dress she was wearing, that was hers. I loved that her family joined in the photoshoot as well, it made it even more special! Her kids were seriously the sweetest and most well behaved kids, and they can’t wait to be big siblings!

Let’s all wish them the best of luck on their upcoming addition. In just a few short months, life is going to get a heck of a lot more FUN and more exciting!!!

If you’re expecting or know someone who is and want to capture this sweet time, contact me. I’d LOVE to help you! Thank you for stopping by.

Lots of love,


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Orange County Maternity Photography 34 #milanaphotography

Tony + Sovy Surprise Proposal (Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer)

Hello loves,

I’m so excited to share this session with you. I had the pleasure of photographing Tony and Sovy’s surprisal proposal! It all happened at sunset on a gondola drifting along the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach and it was ohhhh so romantic!!!

Tony did such a great job planning out every single detail! He called me a few weeks before the proposal. We met up and planned exactly where I would be waiting for them once they pass through on their gondola ride.  The gondolier threw a bottle into the water and pointed it out and Sovy reached down to grab it. She realized it was a message in a bottle and as she was reading the sweet message, Tony got down on one knee and proposed! And she said “YES!!” I captured all of the photos from the shore. Afterwards, Tony pointed to me and she was so excited that their special moment was captured! I had to hide and pretend I was taking photos of other random people and even asked if a group of guys would pose for me so in case Sovy saw me from the gondola she wouldn’t get suspicious. We gotta do what we gotta do, right?! I couldn’t spoil the big surprise!

Once they were finished with their gondola ride, I met them on the other side where they originally started. We had fun taking a few more photos together before they went off to celebrate! Gondola Getaway in Long Beach was such a perfect location and they helped Tony with the planning. They average a proposal a day! Isn’t that so fun? I love romance!

Congratulations again to the lovebirds!!! I had so much fun photographing their surprise proposal! If you are planning to propose to your sweetheart, let me capture those sweet memories for you! It would be my absolute pleasure!



Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 2 #milanaphotography

Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 3 #milanaphotography

Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 4 #milanaphotography

Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 5 #milanaphotography

Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 6 #milanaphotography

Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 7 #milanaphotography

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Orange County Surprise Proposal Photographer 9 #milanaphotography

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Hernandez Family Session | (Orange County Family Photographer)

Hello beautiful people,

It was such pleasure getting to know the Hernandez family.  They just recently moved to Huntington Beach and wanted to capture this moment in time for them.  So, we headed straight to the beautiful Huntington Beach pier and captured amazing photos right at golden hour. It was just perfect!

I love taking family photos, especially in Huntington Beach! If you’re in Huntington Beach or in the Orange County area, contact me today if you’d like capture beautiful photos of your family!

They loved their photos so much that they ended up covering most of their walls with gorgeous canvases! I strongly believe in providing my clients with high quality canvases, professional mounted and matted prints, metal/wood prints and many more heirloom products that will last them for generations to come! Print your photos people, don’t leave them on disks to save for your children. Trust me, your grandchildren will not know what to do with a CD. Want to see want the Hernandez family ordered? Here are a few iphone pics of me about to deliver their goodies and them opening up their order.

Orange County Family Photography #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography #milanaphotography

And here are their beautiful photos! Enjoy and thank you for looking!


Orange County Family Photography 12 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 13 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 14 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 15 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 16 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 17 #milanaphotography

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Orange County Family Photography 19 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 20 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 21 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 23 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 22 #milanaphotography

Francesca Maternity Session | Orange County Maternity Photographer

Hello beautiful people!

I had the pleasure of photographing Francesca’s Maternity Session.  She’s a morning person and opted for a sunrise Maternity Session, versus a sunset session which I’m normally used to.

We met up in Huntington Beach about 30 minutes before the sun actually rose while it was still dark outside! It was also drizzling a bit which was pretty unusual for our Cali weather, but she was a trooper and it did not slow her down one bit. She was amazing and so was her sweet son, Joey.

Did you know that I provide Maternity gowns and tops? Oh yes! All 3 gowns that Francesca wore for her Maternity Session are owned by me.  During our per-consultation I would be happy to show you my gown stash.  You are welcome to use anything from my collection, bring your own gowns or do a mixture of both. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. I will also be happy to refer you to places where you can purchase beautiful Maternity gowns.

Ohhh and more exciting news,I will be sharing Francesca’s Newborn Session very soon! Enjoy and stay tuned!



Orange County Maternity Photography 15 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 16 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 17 #milanaphotography

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Orange County Maternity Photography 20 #milanaphotography

William Family Session + Cake Smash | (Orange County Family Photographer)

Hello adoring fans,

I would love to introduce you all to a sweet little 1 year old named William! He was so great during our recent session together. He posed from time to time, took some breaks to explore and taste just about anything he could get his hands on.  We included his parents in a family session and even added the family dog!

I love taking family photos! They are just little moments frozen in time and they are perfection.  I know one day William will grow up and look back at these photos with fond memories.

Towards the end, we let William go crazy with a birthday cake to celebrate his upcoming 1st birthday.  Milestone sessions can be so fun, especially cake smash sessions! He wasn’t really keen on the idea of the cake and didn’t seem to care for it. But his mama tried hard to keep making him lick the frosting and then he finally started to enjoy himself.  The cleanup was an ordeal on its own, but it sure was fun.

Happy 1st Birthday William! Thanks for letting me take photos of you and your sweet family. If you’d like a family session or a milestone session photographed in the Orange County area, please contact me here.



Orange County Family Photography 1 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 2 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 3 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 7 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 5 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 9 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 10 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 8 #milanaphotography

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Katie Maternity Session | Orange County Maternity Photographer

Hello World!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Milana and I’m an Orange County Maternity, Birth, Newborn and Family Photographer. I’m based in Huntington Beach, CA, but I am an on-location photographer and I travel throughout Orange County.

I’m so excited to share Katie’s Maternity Session with you all.  Her husband Michael and I went to high school together (which was just a few years ago, hahaha). I photographed their beautiful Wedding in Atlanta almost 5 years ago (this August) and I was honored when they asked me to photograph this next chapter in their lives.

Katie and Michael are expecting a baby boy in August! Oh and here’s something exciting, they wanted me to be the one to announce and reveal their baby boy’s name.  I just announced today on all of my Social Media accounts and thought it would be fun to do it here as well.  Their son’s name will be ROWAN JAMES! Yeay! Isn’t that so sweet? This little boy is going to be so incredibly loved!

Katie and Michael are going to be such amazing parents. I am still so honored that they wanted me to photograph this precious time. I love photographing Maternity Sessions. Growing bellies are the best and there’s just nothing quite like growing a human being inside of you! Seriously, that’s why I’ve done it 3 times already. I can’t wait to meet their sweet little boy soon.

We had soooo much fun at our Session! I would say about 80% of the photos were goofy and us all hysterically laughing. But hey, that’s Katie and Michael and I love capturing my clients exactly the way they are…PERFECT! Please enjoy the photos below and feel free to browse around.

Oh and if you’d like to check out Katie & Michael Wedding, you can view it here: Katie and Michael’s Wedding




Orange County Maternity Photography 6 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 5 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 3 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 2 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 4 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 1 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 12 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 11 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 10 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 7 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 9 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 8 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 8 #milanaphotography

Orange County Maternity Photography 8 #milanaphotography

Baby Victoria Birth (OC Birth Photographer)

Hi friends,

I would LOVE to introduce you all to beautiful Victoria! She’s one special little girl and was so sweet to her mama! She didn’t get her too much troulbe and was out in a jiffy!  Victoria’s dad called me at around midnight to let me know his wife was in labor and I was on alert.  Then I got another call at 3 a.m. telling me it’s time! I was at the birth center at 3:30 a.m., Victoria’s parents arrived at about 3:45 a.m. and she was born at 4:12 a.m.! Pretty amazing huh? Not going to lie, I wish one of my 3 births was even half that easy, haha.

What’s even more special about Victoria’s birth is I gave birth at the same birth center just 6 short months ago! Beach Cities Midwifery is amazing and I absolutely LOVE every single one of the midwifes and all of the staff there.  They were perfect! The attending midwife for Victoria was also my midwife throughout my entire 3rd pregnancy and it was such a treat to work with Allison side by side this time.  Definitely a much different experience for me.

Victoria’s mama was a rockstar! She had an all natural water birth and didn’t even make a peep! When she came earthside, she was already surrounded by all of her sweet family. Hope you enjoy Victoria’s Birth Story below. And if you didn’t have enough, check out the Birth Story slideshow that I put together as well here: Victoria’s Slideshow

Welcome to the world little one! Your mommy, daddy, grandma and your 3 aunts are very proud of you already!










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L.A. Screening of Backstreet Boys movie – Show Em What You are Made of!

Hi all!

I have had so many questions from BSB fans regarding the event I attended yesterday and decided to share it in a blog.  I promise it’s spoiler free! I was lucky enough to be invited by a super awesome and fellow BSB friend, Maria, as her plus 1 to attend the screening of the new Backstreet Boys movie “Show Em What You’re Made Of.”  The screening of the movie was at Century City AMC in L.A. on Thursday, August 7th, 2014.  They only sent an invitation to a select number of fans that are a part of the BSB fan club. I was so ecstatic that one of my friends received the invite and she asked me to come along! Weeee!!!!

When I first arrived, there were already a good number of fans waiting in line.  But I was still surprised that it was the least amount of fans I have seen at any BSB event, and I’ve been to quite a few of them.  I have been a fan since I was 15 years old, when “Quit playing games with my heart” was first released in the U.S. and was blasting on the radio! OMG! I remember those days soooo well! High school was mainly amazing because of BSB for me! I became a fan right then and there and NEVER looked back and have never been ashamed! Why should I be? They are only the BEST BOY BAND EVER! And who cares that I just hit my 30’s and I’m married with 2 kids and another one on the way…I LOVE BACKSTREET BOYS! And I always will :)

Okay, enough about let’s talk about the screening.  About 15-20 minutes or so before the movie was supposed to start, the doors opened and in walks A.J.! Ahhh! He walked in like it was no big deal and all of us fans were all looking around and not knowing what to do.  We were upstairs and he waved to us all from below and said “hi.”  So then I look over at the stairs and then look at A.J. and I’m like “hhmm..what’s stopping me from just going down the steps and saying hi to him?” I thought the worst that could happen is somebody will tell me to go away.  He didn’t have any bodyguards or security around him, so I was like “what the heck, it’s worth a try!” So there I went, racing down the steps (I’m 5 months preggers by the way), and next thing I know I’m standing in front of A.J. He was talking to someone and I just kept staring at him and waiting for my turn.  I couldn’t believe that he was right in front of me! Then he looked over at me and we talked for a few minutes, he hugged me and we got a photo together.  Ahh! Best. Day. Ever! I kept hoping that at least one of the boys would show up to the premiere and I’m glad I wasn’t dissapointed.

Then it was time for us to get in the movie theater, but not before we all gave up our cell phones for them to keep hostage.  We were all crammed into a tiny auditorium (not sure why they didn’t get a bigger one) and were greeted by the director of the film.  He gave us a quick intro and said he has a special guest and in comes A.J.  He thanked us all for coming and was hoping we’d love the film.  The movie was 2 hours long and it was perfect! Of course, I wish it was longer..I would definitely not mind a 10 hour long movie, but we can’t always have what we want.  I really don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but overall the movie was amazing.  The movie basically covered everything that has happened to them in the last 20 years, lots of info that we already know, but also lots of  secrets and awesome old clips to see.  I cried a lot and wish I had brought tissues!  But I also laughed a lot! The boys are so funny!  There was also quite a bit of screaming and cheering going on too.  I can’t wait for you all to see it.  I believe that no matter how long you have been a fan, as long as you love BSB, you will love the movie!

Unfortunately after the movie was over, the lights came on and we all went out into the lobby to get our phones back.  And that was it.  I was hoping for some more info on the movie and the release date and all that good stuff, but we didn’t get any info.  Maybe they just don’t have the info themselves yet.

Hope this was helpful, thanks again for reading. Enjoy a few photos below and feel free to comment and/or ask questions.

And as always, KTBPA!!!



A quick photo of me and a few of the BSB girls :) (Big thanks to Julie’s hubby for this photo!)

This is the moment A.J. first walked into the theater.  I took this pic from the 2nd floor

I took this photo after running down the stairs and just stood staring at A.J. waiting for my turn! hehe

And finally, my photo with A.J. Yeay!!!

Baby Ethan Birth (OC Birth Photographer)

Hello All,

I have such a special Session to share with you.  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing sweet baby Ethan’s entrance into this world.  I just cannot even begin to explain how amazing this journey was for me.  As a mother myself, I felt as if I experienced all of the pain and joy with this wonderful family.  I’m so happy that Ethan’s parents chose me to capture this incredibly amazing moment in their lives.

When Ethan’s mom was at about 6cm dialated, I went ahead and drove to the hospital.  I knew it would probably be some waiting around on my part, but boy I really didn’t want to miss anything! And I’m so glad I did! Every moment was just so special!  Oh and THE moment after she gave it her all in her final push and the doctor raised Ethan up to show her…OMG! I cried! Oh yeah, I sure did. Cried like a baby, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  It was such an emotional moment for all of us in the room.  I feel as if a bond is created whenever I do newborn photography and then see the babies again when they’ve grown at 6 months or 1 year, it’s truly amazing.  But watching an actual baby being born! Wow! Can’t beat that connection :)

Birth photography is so special, there’s just nothing quite like it.  To experience and be able to capture an actual real live baby coming into this can you top that?  It was just truly amazing! Okay, I know I have said amazing like 20 times, so what. It is!

If you’re an expectant parent and have ever wondered about birth photography, wonder no more! Hire a birth photographer! You will NOT regret it!

Please enjoy just a glimpse of this special day from early contractions, to super active labor, through pushing and parents meeting their baby for the first time and grandparents becoming grandparents…oh it’s just all so beautiful!  Enjoy :)