Baby Jai Newborn (Newborn Photographer Orange County)

Hello All :)

Happy New Year again! I photographed sweet baby Jai just 6 hours after I arrived back to California! I got home at 4a.m. from the airport, but I didn’t even feel tired.  Baby fever always gets me!  Baby Jai was amazing! He was such a sleepy baby, myself and his parents had so much fun dressing him up and placing various props around him.  He didn’t care much what we did, as long as he was comfortable, which he was.  Jai’s mom had purchased an amazing Christmas box and thought maybe we could use it as a prop, well we did.  I ended up placing baby Jai inside the box and he absolutely LOVED it! He was so nice and cozy in there, he didn’t want to get out, hehe.

Baby Jai was also an amazing holiday present for his mommy and daddy.  And even though he was born just shortly after Christmas, his parents kept the tree up for me.  I was able to take some awesome photos using the tree as a background, it even looks unreal in some photos.  Baby Jai’s dad was a DJ at some point in his life, and I loved how we incorporated his love for music with headphones and a vinyl record.  I bring lots of props to my Newborn Sessions, but I LOVE when parents have their own awesome ideas and props.  It makes it even more fun!

By the way, I photographed baby Jai when he was still in his mommy’s tummy less than a few months ago.  You can check out Shivani’s Maternity Session here :)

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