Samantha Boudoir (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer)

Hello Fans!

I had a chance to do my first Boudoir Photo Session and it was SO much fun!  Please note that these photos are in no way X-rated or dirty, they are very tastefully done.  The client simply wanted to take some sexy photographs of herself for her husband and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  She had a baby not so long ago and did such an amazing job losing all the baby weight.  This was definitely a perfect time to show off her beautiful body to her husband.

Samantha brought lots of cute clothing, jewelry, hats and accessories.  We had fun figuring out which outfits to use and just had a super fun photoshoot.  Valentine’s Day is coming up ladies, so if you’d like to do something like this for your husband, fiance, boyfriend or significant other…let me know!

Oh and just an FYI, I did conceal Samantha’s identity because she’s not a model and was just doing a private photoshoot for her husband.

Enjoy Samantha’s beautiful photos below.










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