Orange County Holiday Session | Couple Photoshoot

Hi All,

I’d like to introduce you to a super sweet couple, Charon and Alex. They wanted to do something different to commemorate the holiday season and wanted to do a really fun photoshoot.

Charon and Alex are newlyweds who are also new to California, they recently moved here from the East Coast. They wanted to send really fun holiday photos to their friends and family back home. Charon did such a good job shopping for props and we incorporated holiday sweaters, ornaments, candy canes, wrapped presents and more in our session. How fun is that?!

Couple photos are so fun! I loved capturing their love for each other. And when they are ready for children, they promise to come back for family photos! Yeay!

Do you have some fun ideas for holiday photos? Let me capture this fun time for you! Call me today to book your Session!

Happy Holidays!


Orange County Holiday Photography #1

Orange County Holiday Photography #2

Orange County Holiday Photography #10

Orange County Holiday Photography #4

Orange County Holiday Photography #5

Orange County Holiday Photography #9

Orange County Holiday Photography #7

Orange County Holiday Photography #8

Orange County Holiday Photography #8

Orange County Holiday Photography #6

Piranha Sauce Band (Orange County Band Photographer)

Hello Everybody!

Meet Piranha Sauce! They are the newest rock ‘n’ roll band out of Long Beach, CA!  A group of 4 guys that definitely know how to rock your socks off!

Go check out  Piranha Sauce  music on Facebook and maybe you can catch them out live soon!

And if you’re in a band or know someone who is, send them my way! I’ll take very good care of them :)
















Keo Family Session (Family Photography)

Hi ya’ll!

I would like to introduce you all to Linda and her beautiful kids!  This was my second session with Linda and her family.  The last one was shot a few years ago, and you can really tell how much the kids have grown! Linda just got even more beautiful!

Enjoy the photos and please let me know if I can help capture sweet family moments such as these for your family :)













E.R. Family Session (Family Photography)

Hi there,

I always have such a great time with sweet E.R. and her parents.  I’ve done so many photoshoots with this family, from their personal lives to their professional lives, and it’s always a blast.  We normally get rained out and end up doing family photos at their home, but this time decided we got lucky! So we decided to go to a park and take advantage of the beautiful day!

Enjoy the photos as always! Until next time :)









Candy Boudoir (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer)

Hello Everyone,

Did you all know that Valentine’s Day is coming up?  It’s just right around the corner! Do you have any special plans for you and your partner yet?  Why not have a Boudoir Session and surprise your significant other with some prints, an album, calendar or even a canvas print?  They’re going to absolutely LOVE it.  You get to play dress-up, get your hair/make-up done and look/act sexy. Now doesn’t that sound like FUN???

Check out “Candy’s” Boudoir Session below to get some ideas.  These photoshoots are very discrete and your comfort is #1 to me.  They can be done in your home, a friend’s place or a hotel of your choice.  You tell me what you’d like to do and and I will make it happen.  The photoshoots are very tastefully done and can be as sexy as you want them to be.  It’s amazing how comfy my clients get once we get started.  Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to tell you more about these super fun sessions.

Enjoy and Happy Early V-day!


ER 2 year Session (Atlanta Family Photographer)

Hello Everyone,

ER is so precious and I can’t wait for everyone to see just how sweet she is.  Of course, pictures don’t do it much justice, but I tried.  We had a very fun photoshoot in the comfort of her home, front and backyard.  We ran around a lot, chased her dog and of course played with lots of toys.  We did this photoshoot just a few weeks before her 2nd birthday.

Enjoy the photos below of sweet ER with her beautiful family.


Rena’s Headshots (Atlanta Headhshot Photographer)

Hello Fans,

While I was on the west coast last month, I had the opportunity to shoot Rena’s headshots.  Rena wants to try her hand at modeling and needed some headshots for her portfolio.

We picked out one of the most beautiful spots in California.  We met up at sunset at Venice Beach and the weather was just perfect.  A little bit of wind, not too hot or cold, and the sunset by the beautiful ocean was just icing on the cake!

Enjoy the quick preview of our photoshoot below!






Samantha Boudoir (Atlanta Boudoir Photographer)

Hello Fans!

I had a chance to do my first Boudoir Photo Session and it was SO much fun!  Please note that these photos are in no way X-rated or dirty, they are very tastefully done.  The client simply wanted to take some sexy photographs of herself for her husband and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  She had a baby not so long ago and did such an amazing job losing all the baby weight.  This was definitely a perfect time to show off her beautiful body to her husband.

Samantha brought lots of cute clothing, jewelry, hats and accessories.  We had fun figuring out which outfits to use and just had a super fun photoshoot.  Valentine’s Day is coming up ladies, so if you’d like to do something like this for your husband, fiance, boyfriend or significant other…let me know!

Oh and just an FYI, I did conceal Samantha’s identity because she’s not a model and was just doing a private photoshoot for her husband.

Enjoy Samantha’s beautiful photos below.