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Hi loves!

I’m excited to share baby Lennox Gray’s Newborn Session with you all! He is the adorable son of my amazingly talented photographer friend, Amber, with Naturally Newborn. Amber invited all of her photog friends to come to her studio and play with her baby. We just went crazy with not only posing him and taking photos of him, but snuggling him too. It was so much fun!

Lots of photographers joined in on this session and helped out with posing and picking out props and outfits. It was definitely a group effort! What makes these photos different than my normal work is studio lighting. Amber’s studio is set up for studio lights vs natural light like I normally use. It’s definitely different, challenging and a whole new territory for me. One day, I might switch to studio lighting, but for now, I’m enjoying my natural light.

Every time we have a photographer friend have a baby, we get together and have a “playdate” with posing and shooting. We always have a blast. I have a few more I’ll be sharing soon, so stay tuned! Newborn photographers go crazy for babies, especially if they are babies of our dear friends.

If you are in need of a Newborn photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would LOVE to help you!




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8 thoughts on “Lennox Newborn Session | Orange County Newborn Photographer

  1. What a great opportunity to share your love for photography with others young moms that are also pursuing newborn photography. I can almost hear the noise level as you chatted props and posing with this gorgeous little guy. I love that you shared these images.

  2. I can only begin to image how much fun this session must have been. What a wonderful friend you have to allow you all to work with her little one. The pictures turned out great. Such a handsome little fella.

  3. You forget how small and curly they come – I love the way you captured this guy, so darling!

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