Marlena + Eddie Surprise Proposal (Orange County Proposal Photographer)

Hi loves!

Ohh my Goodness! I have another Surprise Proposal to share with you all! I loooooove proposals so much! They are so unpredictable, yet fun and exciting and super quick all at the same time. The rush is real and I absolutely LOVE it!

This particular surprise proposal was EVEN more special than usual! Why??? Because I know the sweet bride-to-be! And this is all by complete coincidence too! Eddie was just looking for a proposal photographer and happened to come across my website. He loved my work and decided to book me. Once we were doing all the fun contract stuff, I realized that his bride-to-be’s name sounded familiar. She was my eldest daughter’s Extended-Kinder teacher just a few years ago! We see each other just about everyday when I pickup and drop off my girls at school. Whenever Marlena would say hi to me the entire week before the proposal, I tried to keep the conversation to a minimum and even tried to avoid eye contact with her, hahaha. Sounds funny now, but I had to keep it a surprise!

Then on the day of the proposal, I wore a disguise just in case! I hid behind in between some houses in Newport Beach and wore a huge beach hat and sunglasses. Once Eddie proposed and Marlena said “YES” and accepted his ring and hugs and kisses, I revealed my true identity.  It was so much fun and such an exciting moment to be a part of!

Congratulations again to these sweet lovebirds!!! Wishing them lots of happiness together. They seem so much in love and I was honored to photograph this special time for them.

If you are thinking about proposing to your sweetheart, please consider hiring a professional to photograph that super special moment for you! I would absolutely LOVE to help you! I photograph Surprise Proposals all over Orange County, CA.

Thank you and Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Marlena + Eddie Surprise Proposal (Orange County Proposal Photographer)

  1. Thank you Kandi! I love proposals so much too! And yes, he is very sweet :)

  2. How special for you that you were able to document their proposal, especially knowing the bride to be! I love that you wore a disguise! How fun for you!

  3. This proposal is too cute! Her smile is amazing and immediately made me say ‘aaaaawwwww, look how happy she is!?’.
    It is wonderful that you managed to capture it so well, these photographs will always be so special to them. Great job!!!

  4. What a sweet surprise proposal. This couple looks so incredibly happy. What a special moment you captured to beautifully for them.

  5. This is SO sweet! And you did such a wonderful job capturing them. These are truly stunning. What a fun thing to get to capture! I always wished we had a photographer when Jordan proposed to me!

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