Spring Family Session | Orange County Family Photographer

Ohhh Hellooo Spring!

I love Spring and all the wonders it brings! I love photographing Fall Sessions in fun boots and scarves and being cozy, but Spring sessions are so different! It’s time for cute little dresses and sandals and bubbles and flowers and the promise of a beautiful summer coming!

I really enjoyed photographing the Alexander family for their Spring photos this year in Newport Beach, California! Maggie is one of my friends and also a local photographer. We love photographing each other’s families. It’s not always easing making sure our 4 girls happy, but we do our best. They always try to play in between and chase each other and Maggie and I try to keep them clean as possible until the shoot is finished. The girls did so great and they all got rewarded with organic lollipops after our shoot, hehe.

We had so much unusual rain this winter in Orange County and all of our parks overgrew like crazy with gorgeous flowers! We just had to take advantage of the greenery. If you’d like to have your Spring family photos, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would LOVE to help you!

Enjoy the photos and the rest of Spring!



Orange County Family Photography 67 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 68 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 69 #milanaphotography

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Marlena + Eddie Surprise Proposal (Orange County Proposal Photographer)

Hi loves!

Ohh my Goodness! I have another Surprise Proposal to share with you all! I loooooove proposals so much! They are so unpredictable, yet fun and exciting and super quick all at the same time. The rush is real and I absolutely LOVE it!

This particular surprise proposal was EVEN more special than usual! Why??? Because I know the sweet bride-to-be! And this is all by complete coincidence too! Eddie was just looking for a proposal photographer and happened to come across my website. He loved my work and decided to book me. Once we were doing all the fun contract stuff, I realized that his bride-to-be’s name sounded familiar. She was my eldest daughter’s Extended-Kinder teacher just a few years ago! We see each other just about everyday when I pickup and drop off my girls at school. Whenever Marlena would say hi to me the entire week before the proposal, I tried to keep the conversation to a minimum and even tried to avoid eye contact with her, hahaha. Sounds funny now, but I had to keep it a surprise!

Then on the day of the proposal, I wore a disguise just in case! I hid behind in between some houses in Newport Beach and wore a huge beach hat and sunglasses. Once Eddie proposed and Marlena said “YES” and accepted his ring and hugs and kisses, I revealed my true identity.  It was so much fun and such an exciting moment to be a part of!

Congratulations again to these sweet lovebirds!!! Wishing them lots of happiness together. They seem so much in love and I was honored to photograph this special time for them.

If you are thinking about proposing to your sweetheart, please consider hiring a professional to photograph that super special moment for you! I would absolutely LOVE to help you! I photograph Surprise Proposals all over Orange County, CA.

Thank you and Enjoy!


Orange County Proposal Photography 53 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 44 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 45 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 46 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 47 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 48 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 49 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 50 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 51 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 52 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 53 #milanaphotography

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Orange County Proposal Photography 55 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photography 56 #milanaphotography

Hospital Birth Story | Baby Dominic | Orange County Birth Photographer

Hello dears!

Ohhh how I LOVE birth stories!!! There’s seriously just nothing quite like it! To be present the moment another life joins us Earthside is indescribable and I hope everyone gets to experience this joy at least once in their lives! I’m lucky to experience this over and over and it’s just as beautiful and breathtaking every single time. And I totally admit, I cry at every single birth and I’m not ashamed of it. I know I should be more professional and hold back, but it’s impossible. I get so attached with the families and when that moment happens, I can’t contain myself.

Dominic’s birth story is too cool. He was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange, CA. at 6:20p.m. He is their 3rd and last baby and it was very important to mama to have this moment documented. After 2 girls, both mom and dad were thrilled with their little boy! This mama absolutely rocked her birth and was a true rockstar during labor. Dominic was almost 10 lbs and she delivered him vaginally! So cool! I was so happy to capture his birth story!

If you or someone you know is expecting and would like to document this special time in your life, please contact me right away. I only take a limited amount of births per year and you would need to get on my calendar ASAP. I love photographing birth stories throughout Orange County, CA.

Please enjoy the photos below. If you’d like to see more, please check out Dominic’s Birth Story slideshow here on Youtube!

Thank you!


Orange County Birth Photography 45 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 46 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 47 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 49 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 48 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 50 #milanaphotography

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Orange County Birth Photography 52 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 53 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 54 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 55 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 57 milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 56 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 62 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 59 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 60 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 61 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 58 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 61 #milanaphotography

Orange County Birth Photography 63 #milanaphotography

Lennox Newborn Session | Orange County Newborn Photographer

Hi loves!

I’m excited to share baby Lennox Gray’s Newborn Session with you all! He is the adorable son of my amazingly talented photographer friend, Amber, with Naturally Newborn. Amber invited all of her photog friends to come to her studio and play with her baby. We just went crazy with not only posing him and taking photos of him, but snuggling him too. It was so much fun!

Lots of photographers joined in on this session and helped out with posing and picking out props and outfits. It was definitely a group effort! What makes these photos different than my normal work is studio lighting. Amber’s studio is set up for studio lights vs natural light like I normally use. It’s definitely different, challenging and a whole new territory for me. One day, I might switch to studio lighting, but for now, I’m enjoying my natural light.

Every time we have a photographer friend have a baby, we get together and have a “playdate” with posing and shooting. We always have a blast. I have a few more I’ll be sharing soon, so stay tuned! Newborn photographers go crazy for babies, especially if they are babies of our dear friends.

If you are in need of a Newborn photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would LOVE to help you!




Orange County Newborn Photography 76 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 77 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 78 #milanaphotography

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Orange County Newborn Photography 84 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 86 #milanaphotography


Sibling Session | Orange County Family Photographer

Hi y’all,

Aren’t these sisters adorable??? I love this family so much! I first photographed their Family Session last year and now they came back to me to just get photos of their girls! Isn’t that wonderful? Even if you don’t have a chance to have a full on family session, at least get your beautiful kids photographed. They just grow up so fast!

Just check out how much the girls have changed from their session last year: Hernandez Family Session.

The Hernandez sisters are both so beautiful from the inside out. And they have such a wonderful relationship and so much love for each other! They make me wish I had a sister, hehe. Last year they chose the beach as their setting and this year we had lots of fun strolling at a park in Huntington Beach. Let’s see where we end up next year?

If you’d like your family photographed or even just your children photographed, contact me today! I love photographing families all over Orange County. See you soon!




Orange County Family Photography 63 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 62 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 61 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 66 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 60 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 59 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 64 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 58 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 65 #milanaphotography

Guevara Family Session | Orange County Family Photographer

Hello loves,

I’d love to introduce you to the Guevara family. We had so much fun with their Family Session at the Huntington Beach pier. The sunset was just absolutely gorgeous as always, check out the last photo I captured of the sunset.

Rose has such a nice family and we became friends instantly! Our children love having play dates together and we even help watch each other’s four legged friends when we go out of town. I wouldn’t trust my little poodle with just anyone, so you know they are good people.

Family Sessions are extremely important! I recommend having a photoshoot at least twice a year, especially when your littles are still little. When they grow up, once a year should be just fine. They really do grow up so fast and it’s so vital to capture their beautiful smiles, their personalities, their missing teeth and even their meltdowns.

If you’d like to capture your family, I’m the Orange County Family Photographer for you! I photograph all over Orange County and would be happy to do the session in your home, backyard, nearby park or beach. Wherever your kids feel the most comfortable, I love capturing them in their element. As you can see, these kids love the beach and had a blast and did not want to go back home. We had to practically drag them off the beach.

Please contact me today to book your Family Session! Don’t wait until the holidays, you will be too busy then doing your last minute shopping and preparations. Feel free to email me or call me anytime. Thank you!




Orange County Family Photography 45 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 46 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 56 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 47 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 57 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 48 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 49 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 50 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 51 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 52 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 53 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 54 #milanaphotography

Orange County Family Photography 55 #milanaphotography

HB Sunset

August Rose Newborn Session | Orange County Newborn Photographer

Hi friends,

Meet beautiful August Rose! Isn’t she as precious as her name? I think so! Her mama, aunties, grandma, and I had so much fun together! Her sweet grandma made the beautiful bows for August Rose’ session and mommy and aunties had a blast with all of the fresh flowers. They had an idea they wanted to do with the flowers and we made it come to life.

Every newborn session I photograph is different. I customize each photoshoot depending on the colors the parents choose for me to use. The shoot can be only of the baby or can also include siblings, parents and even pets. And parents can always add special requests and their own mementos such as special blankets or stuffed animals.

Are you currently expecting? If so, please consider photographing this precious time in your newborn’s life. I love being an Orange County newborn photographer and I would be honored to help you! Contact me today for more information.

With love,



Orange County Newborn Photography 75 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 74 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 66 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 73 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 71 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 72 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 70 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 69 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 68 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 67 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 65 #milanaphotography

Rohan Newborn Session | Orange County Newborn Photographer

Hello Fans,

I’m so excited to share this special session with you all. 3 years ago I had the pleasure of photographing Rohan’s baby brother while he was in his mama’s tummy and then I photographed his newborn session. And recently I photographed Rohan while he was in his mama’s tummy and now it was his turn for his newborn session.  Another fun fact, Rohan was born ON his brother’s 3rd birthday! How cool is that? Best. Present. Ever.

If you’d like to check out his mama’s Maternity Session, you can view it here.

I love photographing families and watching the children grow and the families grow too! There’s just nothing quite like it! I love my job!

If you are expecting a baby or know someone who is, please contact me. I’d LOVE to help you! I love photographing Maternity Sessions and Newborn Sessions throughout Orange County. Contact me today!



Orange County Newborn Photography 54-1 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 55-1 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 56 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 57 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 58 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 59 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 60 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 61 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 62 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 63 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 64 #milanaphotography

Mesrop + Aleen Surprise Proposal (Orange County Proposal Photographer)

Hello Loves!

With Valentine’s Day in the air, I thought it would be perfect to share this sweet surprise proposal!

Mesrop contacted me several weeks before the proposal and was trying to figure out the perfect date and location. After many emails back and forth, we finally decided on the mysterious tower in Laguna Beach, called “La Tour.” It was the perfect backdrop for a proposal! He enlisted the friend of his soon to be fiance. Her friend disguised herself as a guy and arrived there first and set up the special “Will you Marry me?” sign along with champagne and flowers. It was so beautiful!

Once I spotted Mesrop and Aleen walking towards the tower, I just pretended I was a silly tourist just taking photos of nonsense stuff. Then once they passed me, I started nonchalantly following them and caught the moment when she flipped over the sign and when she turned around, Mesrop was down on his knee. It was so beautiful and ohhh so romantic! Aleen was really surprised and couldn’t stop smiling!

Congratulations Mesrop and Aleen! Wishing you two a beautiful life together! XOXOXO



Orange County Proposal Photographer #40

Orange County Proposal Photography 41 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photographer #30

Orange County Proposal Photographer

Orange County Proposal Photography 42 #milanaphotography

Orange County Proposal Photographer #32

Orange County Proposal Photographer #33

Orange County Proposal Photographer #39

Orange County Proposal Photographer #34

Orange County Proposal Photographer #35

Orange County Proposal Photographer #36

Orange County Proposal Photographer #37

Orange County Proposal Photographer #38

Jeevan Newborn Session | Orange County Newborn Photographer

Hi Friends,

I want to introduce you all to sweet little Jeevan! He was just absolutely precious during his in-home newborn session in beautiful Newport Beach, California. I loved getting to know him and his amazing family! He was surrounded by so much LOVE, it was just absolutely incredible to watch!

I was blessed to not only photograph Jeevan’s Newborn session, but a Family Session as well on the same day! He had family visiting from all over to meet him and it was a perfect opportunity to capture some once in a lifetime family moments. I had a blast!

We did some traditional newborn poses with him, but also did lots of fun new stuff. Jeevan’s dad has a big love for music, so we incorporated some of his headphones and vinyl records. Be sure to check out his left hand, it totally looks like he is doing his DJ thing in his sleep. So cute! His parents have a passion for cooking, so we decided to pose him in a pot with a few cooking tools. And another one of my favorites, we posed Jeevan with a traditional drum, known as “dhol.” It was just too cool not to use that prop! (Disclaimer: Dad ensured his son’s safety 100% of the time)

I can’t wait to watch baby Jeevan grow throughout the years. I hope you enjoy looking through his sweet photos, as much as I enjoyed taking them.

If you or your family are expecting or already have a little one Earthside, please contact me right away! I love photographing Maternity, Birth, Newborn and Family Sessions throughout Orange County!

Much love,



Orange County Newborn Photography 54 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 41 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 43 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 44 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 45 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 46 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 52 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 47 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 48 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 49 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 50 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 51 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 53 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography 55 #milanaphotography

And below are the two gorgeous 16×20 canvases that they ordered to adorn their walls!

Orange County Newborn Photography canvas2 #milanaphotography

Orange County Newborn Photography canvas #milanaphotography