Professional Flush Mount Photo Albums (Milana Photography)

Hello Fans,

Just in case you didn’t know, Milana Photography offers professional flush mount photobooks for ALL occasions.  These beautiful albums are designed 100% by yours truly and sent off for printing with Zookbinders.  They’re an amazing company that offers an unbelievable amount of choices for albums.

I wanted to share one of the latest albums I just finished designing for Katie & Michael.  I know these photos don’t do very much justice to how amazing the album really looks in person, but I tried my best.  You just really have to smell the leather, feel the thickness, texture and durability of the pages and see the beauty with your own eyes to truly know how incredible it is!

The Zookbinders albums are available in tons of different sizes, colors, textures, paper finishes and etc.  Trust me guys, days of printing out your pictures and sticking them into an album are over.  THIS is definitely the way to go!

Please contact me for more details regarding pricing and to see album samples.



2 thoughts on “Professional Flush Mount Photo Albums (Milana Photography)

  1. The album came out better than I could have ever imagined. Katie and I still take it out on occasion and relive that wonderful day through your photos. I know Katie and I have said this many times, but Thank You so much for everything you did for us that day to make it as amazing as it was. Yes, I mean every word of this and no, I am not being paid to say it.

  2. Wow, Thank You so much for your sweet and kind words Michael! I’m so happy for you and Katie! XOXO

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