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Are you currently expecting and are in need of a birth photographer? Or maybe you’re just curious to reasons why someone would want to hire a birth photographer? I’d love to help answer some of your questions! These are just my personal opinions and beliefs about birth photography.

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I feel as if the best part is to be able to look back on one of the most special days in your child’s life.  These precious photos are not only for you to remember the day you brought your child into this world, but also for your child to see one day. What I would give to have photos of me when I was born! My mom has always told me the story of my birth and how I practically “killed” her, it’s a long and crazy story. I wish I could see proof of exactly what happened, lol. I want to see the look on my mom’s face when she first saw me. Did she cry, laugh, scream? Did she look relieved or scared? I was born in Russia and men were not even allowed in the hospital at all. So my dad didn’t get to see me until I came home at almost 2 weeks old! I would also have loved to see his face!  But guess what, your children have a chance and you can give them that.  Birth photography truly is a gift.

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When you hire someone else to take the birth photos, it means that your partner gets to actually be your partner and not have a camera stuck in their hands or watch you labor through their lens.  Your partner should be there to hold your hand freely and look you deep in your eyes and tell you that you are beautiful and how amazing you’re doing and how close you are to meeting your baby. There’s nothing more beautiful. I love watching couples grow more and more in love during labor and once the baby is here, the love literally pours out of them. It’s so hard to explain, but it’s so incredible to watch!

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I already touched on this earlier, but the moment you get to see your child for the first time is so irreplaceable.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your 1st, your 3rd or your 10th baby, they are ALL so special and every single birth is a memory that must be treasured.  Ask any mama her best moments of her life and she will undoubtedly say the birth of her child or children. I love capturing those memories so much.

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But it’s not just the birth mama’s moment that’s special, but the moment the daddy sees his baby, or another mama, or adoptive parents or surrogate parents. I also love seeing the grandmas and grandpas and sibling interactions. They are all so very special.


I feel like I have a million more reasons I want to tell you why birth photography is important, but I’m trying to keep it short. Birth Photography is just awesome! Hire one, you’ll never regret it!

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  1. These are very emotionally impacting birth photos. Such a special time and moment. And so many good reasons to consider having a professional photographer capture this special time of you giving birth to your baby.

  2. What beautiful and emotional images you create for families! I love how passionate you are about your photography and it shows in your work! Great job!! I would give anything to have images of my babies being born!!

  3. These are amazing images. This is such a special moment you’ve captured for this family. I’m sure they’re thrilled. You really did a wonderful job.

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